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Profile of The Architect and The Engineer

We have just realized one fact through working at foreign architectural consultants firm.

It is that we canft apply for the Japanese architecturefs standard and common sense in another countries.

Everyone who ever worked at overseas could share with this notice easily.

Most important thought is...
"How we would solve for these matters?",
"How we would develop with sustainability to our business? "

Due to solve these matters, we need to think about the way of solution based on real situation related to local environment ,custom and human characteristic.

Even if Japanese think in way of Japanese logic, these matters have not gone well. Best way is to organize international team to solve each matter on overseas' business field.

žBusiness chance

This means that there are many cases in the each phase of project to be decided by architectfs discretion which are their own experience and common sense .

In other words, there are still many possibilities for stakeholder related to realize project ,which they couldnft ever perform in Japan because of their compliance to their belonging society.

Although Japanese architecture standards would not apply for  another counties, it is important for us to revise and develop these standards to local version in any fields not only in architecture.  

Above thoughts could be applied for the another foreign client in case that they would develop their own project and activities in Japan.


On the other hand, the situation that architectural standard has not been established on construction site bring risks for the client. This means that a construction manager may changes our design ,consequently this leads to a decline of design performance promptly.

In the design phase, design quality can be kept in accordance with local condition by using standard CAD data and structure calculation program.
However on construction site, there are many case that construction have not been implemented based on design drawings due to lack of their skill.

Even if construction manager belonging to Japanese general contractors, they still don't understand the system of construction management which accompany with confirmations and reports to be required with supervisor and administration.

This is the reason why the necessities of international architectural firm well known for both domestic and overseas works have been increased more and more in future.

žFrontier spirits of international architects firm

Architecture is global common culture.

The more society become borderless, the more we need to unite each countries works based on understanding of the each countries difference.

At the same time, we deepen interchange in architectural field, and then we develop it to our business, and realize their potential. Finally we make people happy through architecture.

This is the motivation, the energy, and the concept for us to proceed to new frontier of International architect firm. 

We are sure that this world shall be changed depending on our creativity and thought.

This is really our thought which we want to share with many peoples.



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